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Wootz Hunter | Olamic Cutlery

Wootz Hunter is a rare and very interesting knife with a history from Olamic Cutlery.

This is a hand made knife with absolutely beautiful Wootz blade, curly maple handle and brass guard.

The Wootz metal ( Bulat) is a hand made steel (if you can call a steel "handmade") by the research group in Ukraine. This blade has absolutely unique cutting capabilities and to our knowledge only 4 knives were ever made out of it. The blade is hardened to 60-62 Rc.

Now the History part:

During WWII large numbers of Lend-Lease Studebaker trucks were sent into the Soviet Union via the Persian Corridor. The Soviets found them a good platform for "Stalin Organ" Katyusha rocket launchers, although it was not their prime use in the Soviet Union. It fulfilled many roles in the Red Army, such as pulling artillery and was renowned for its ruggedness and reliability. The truck was affectionately known as the Studer by Soviet troops.

So there is an area in Ukraine were many of these trucks got destroyed during the bombing and got buried underground for all these years. A few years ago "diggers" got to these trucks and found large amount of brass. The knife makers at Olamic used this brass for the knife guard and the plate on the sheath. So buying this knife you are purchasing a small piece of history integrated into the handle :-)


Vendor: Olamic Cutlery

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