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  • 100% custom, handmade knife, one of a kind.
  • Unique hand-forged Damascus with Mokume layers.
  • Exotic materials: mammoth tooth, Karelian birch, cooper.
  • Handmade custom leather sheath.
  • Made in Russia

Suna Mokume - new exclusive masterpiece custom knife from Olamic Cutlery.

This knife has absolutely rare and one of a kind blade made of a sandwiched (San Mai Style) High Carbon Vanadium Damascus with Nickel and Copper. This is new steel from Olamic and comes only on their exclusive high-end custom knives!

The handle of the Suna also very interesting art object: the combination of the Karelian birch, Copper pommel and guard and Mammoth tooth insert.

As all Olamic knives, it comes with the custom leather sheath, Scandinavian style.

This is one of the kind knife! Waiting to be added to the serious knife collection!


Overall length: 10 1/2" (265 mm)
Blade length: 5 5/8" (145 mm)
Blade thickness: 1/4" (6.5 mm)
Steel: HCVD with Copper and Nickel
Handle: Karelian Birch, mammoth tooth
Hilt/ Guard: Copper
Sheath: Leather
Weight (w/ sheath): 14.1 oz (400 g.)


Type: custom

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