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  • Custom handmade knife.
  • EDC size knife in full tang! 
  • Great for everyday carry.
  • Awesome gift for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Custom leather sheath included.
  • Made in Lithuania.

CLASSIC FREEDOM (full flat grind) - is the latest version of this awesome fixed blade knife by TRC.

Classic Freedom was intended for sophisticated and minimalist campers and anglers. This is an extremely efficient utilitarian knife with the M390 steel blade and polished Black Canvas Micarta scales.

The scales and knife's profile underwent a special polishing procedure to give this knife a truly classic almost luxurious look.

The Classic Freedom knife comes with a custom handmade vegetable-tanned leather sheath.

 This knife is a great addition to your outdoorsmen gear collection and as EDC knife!


Overall length: 8" (205 mm)
Blade length: 3.6" (92 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.1" (2.7 mm)
Steel: M390 (61-62HRC)
Handle: Polished Black Canvas Micarta
Hilt/ Guard: -
Sheath: Leather
weight: 100 g



Type: custom

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Classic Freedom from TRC knives!

One of the best small, fixed blades I've ever owned. TRC's attention to detail is second to none!

Perfect EDC

Fit and finish is what to expect from TRC, perfection. Very lightweight and perfectly balanced, try not use this as a fidget spinner because it is razor sharp, but temped to try. Regret not getting this blade sooner

Tigran Parvanyan
Powerful slicer!

As with any other TRC knife the fit and finish of this knife are just perfect. The M390 steel with the HRC 60-61 is superb!
Here is a nice review of this knife done a couple of days ago by the DBK:

Suave P.
Another great knife from TRC.

It's a great EDC option in terms of size. Yet it feels bigger than it is in hand. The blade does everything you can throw at it and excels at slicing and cutting tasks. Fit and finish are what you expect from TRC. Flawless!

Martin Miller
Great little companion knife

This is my third TRC fixed blade knife. To say that I'm thrilled by TRC's designs, materials and workmanship would be an understatement. ... Out of the box, the Classic Freedom exhibits the expected, incredible fit and finish for which TRC is famous. You know you've arrived in cutlery nirvana when you handle the knife. ... I was somewhat surprised by the size of the knife. I was expecting sort of a more robust paring knife. It will handle kitchen and camp paring chores, but will excel at much more than that. ... It has a full size handle, easily big enough for my large size hands, even with gloves on. The full tang blade stock thickness is listed at 1/10" or 2.7 mm. It is thinner than most all of my other knives, with the exception of light duty kitchen paring knives. The M390 blade is a high saber grind. It is very thin behind the edge and slices like a light saber. Just ahead of the ricasso, the blade is about 1 1/16" wide. It is full width at the spine until the spot where the dropped point meets the even saber grinds, about 3/4" from the relatively well supported, needle sharp tip. It's hardened to Rockwell C 61-62 and will hold the edge for a long time. Mine hasn't even needed stropping yet. Even though made with thin blade stock, the M390 fine grain, homogeneous steel gives us an amazing blade that is not at all dainty. It's a little workhorse, perfect for everyday carry utility use, pan/trout fishing, small/upland game cleaning, and even deer sized game. It feather sticks like a dedicated bushcraft knife. My personal preference is for saber grinds rather than scandis, as I find the saber grind to be more versatile. ... The leather belt sheath is also of typical TRC quality - top drawer. ... The Classic Freedom is a real gem and has earned the place of honor, to be frequently found on my hip.

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