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  • Custom handmade knife.
  • Reliable full tang construction.
  • Perfect size for camping or any other outdoor activities.
  • It comes with modern Kydex sheath.
  • Elmax - premium very functional steel on the blade.
  • Made in Lithuania.

South Pole - known as a K-1 knife in the past.

South Pole is a new but already famous custom knife from TRC Knives - hand made knives by Andrius Tricius.

This is a perfectly made full tang classic drop point knife made of premium materials: ELMAX steel blade hardened to 59-60 HRC and Black Canvas Micarta handle.

The razor-sharp blade has a practical satin finish. The spine is rounded with elegant jimping cut into it providing control and confident operation.

the knife comes with an awesome modern Kydex sheath.


Overall length: 9 1/4" (235 mm)
Blade length: 4.5" (115 mm)
Blade thickness: 3/16" (4.6mm)
Steel: ELMAX (59-60HRC)
Handle: Black Canvas Micarta
Hilt/ Guard: integrated
Sheath: Kydex


Type: custom

Customer Reviews

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Dallas Kim
Awesome knife

The knife was well received and l kept track of it with its tracking number all the way.
I was worried about scam sites selling Chinese imitations or just stealing your money, but Russian Knives is legit, sells genuine knives and delivers them safely. I am very happy with the South Pole. The handle is so comfortable, it's perfect. I will definately purchase another South Pole if the K1 is not available soon. Too bad the TR-13 is discontinued, l would have loved to purchase that one too.
I am a bit disappointed with no replies to my inquiries though.
All in all, l'm happy with my purchase and will be a return customer.

Wonderful User

TLDR; This knife kicks a$$, so throw down the cash.

I understand, we are all willing to spend plenty of money on knives. However, if you are looking for the pinnacle of semi-custom knives, TRC is one of the finest places to look. It was hard for me initially to start using this knife, it was so perfect. The finishing, geometry, grind, sharpness. It really was difficult for me to put this South Pole through serious usage. Throwing down 300 dollars on a blade should result in heirloom quality and the TRC is definitely that. However I exited the honey moon phase and ventured on to my nearby forests. This knife has a wonderful balance between batonning ability and food prep (slicing) ability. I was beyond impressed. I have come to realize that when you spend big money on your favorite things, take cars for example. You do not spend money on a beautiful Porsche to sit in your drive way and look gorgeous for neighbors. You buy a Porsche to get out on the curvy back roads and rip it around because the car is capable of it and performs amazing. In the same sense, this knife does exactly that. The performance of this knife will excel with any task. So yes, you may get a few microscopic scratches and normal wear and tear, but the experiences and memories you make with your new knife will be worth more than your shiny beauty piece for the bookshelf. (Or you can do what I did and buy 2!)

Shannon Spence
TRC South Pole = Awesome knife!

I was so stoked Russian Knives had this in stock. Ordered late Friday and it was in my hands on Tuesday! I went camping the next few days and the TRC South Pole easily handled all of my camp duties. The knife is flawless and razor sharp out of the box. Looking forward to ordering a couple more TRC’s from Russian Knives in the near future. Probably the Apocalypse,This is Freedom and the Mille Couri. If you like a company that has fair pricing, speedy shipping and excellent customer service, look no further than Russian Knives!

Paul Bierdz
South Pole

Good workmanship, well balanced, well sharpened edge. High quality knife all in all. My second knife and won’t be my last from TRC.

Best There Is!

I own 5 South Poles from TRC. They are the perfect bushcraft-do-everything knife. They are strong, great steels and comfortable in the hand. I have never seen or heard of anyone having a quality problem with TRC out of the box. They are just the best. The K1s makes a great hunting/companion too.

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