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  • This is a small dagger designed for EDC.
  • Reliable full tang construction
  • Robust Micarta handle.
  • Awesome Kydex sheath.
  • The USA made UltaClip - tactical pocket clip.
  • Made in Russia.

Grave by N.C.Custom is an EDC (Every Day Carry) size dagger designed for versatility and easy carry in mind. This is a "single edge" dagger - the top edge is not sharpened at the factory.

The blade is made of German X105 steel with a beautiful Stonewash finish.
This is a full tang dagger, with an integrated guard and robust Black Canvas Micarta handle.

Grave comes with the beautiful Kydex sheath and tactical UltaClip pocket clip.


Total length: 7.64" (194mm)
Blade length: 3.5" (89mm)
Blade width: 1.3" (33mm)
Blade thickness: 0.16" (4 mm)
Blade material: X105 steel
Handle: Black Canvas Micarta
Sheath: Kydex

Type: special

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ivan Stetsik
Grave Knife!

Great knife.

Mike Leshchenko

Great quality knife

Paul Moeykens
Remarkably nice knife but, possibly bigger than you think!

I originally purchased this knife thinking that it would be great for backpacking- I like to carry a small knife inverted on my backpack strap. After it arrived, and I was able to examine it I was surprised to find that, though is a very compact package, it is thicker and generally heavier than I suspected. While, this is not really a bad thing, it wasn't as suitable for backpacking, where every ounce counts. After using it a bit , I find that it's find a good choice for discreet Self Defense Carry or, even as a compact tool for a canoe trip- it is sturdy and thick enough to be able to do some bush craft work with.
The knife came sharp, but not wicked sharp. I believe this to be more of a function of the blade geometry rather than any lapse on the part of the manufacturer. You can only get a blade this thick so sharp. Having said that, you can hone the edge that it comes with a bit so that it is, essentially, sharp enough for any regular task that you would have for a knife- which brings me to the blade steel. What exactly is X109? From the way it sharpens and the general hardness of the blade, I suspect it is a steel that is equivalent to 440c and, since it is a German steel, I suspect that it is tempered on the softer side of the scale, which makes it tougher and less likely to break, but Will require more frequent sharpening . So, suitable for bush craft work .
The sheath that it comes with bears a quick mention. Not only is it attractive but, it is very usable and well suited for inverted or small of the back carry. If I were still a young man in the military, the little extra weight would not bother me and I would use the sheath to carry the knife inverted on my carry gear.
Overall, a very useful knife, well crafted in Russia – five stars.

Robert Huston
Great Boot Knife

Very nice knife with a razor edge right out of the box. Speaking of boxes, like all the Russian-made knifes I have purchased previously, the box for this knife is first-class; very heavy construction and functional for storing the knife.
The blade design is just as shown in the photographs and the Micarta black canvas handle material is attractive and will permit a solid grip with this knife under any conditions, wet or dry.
The Kydex sheath is very protective and holds the knife very firmly with built-in clamps on both sides of the blade guard. The sheath has a drain hole and a clamp for your waist band, pocket or boot wherever you decide to carry this knife. I would have preferred a standard belt/boot clip, however, this one works well and clips very firmly to whatever fits inside the clip.
The blade is very strong with a 4mm thickness, wide groove in the center and single edge design that is also very attractive.
This knife is light enough to carry easily and would be very useful for dressing small game in addition to being a great self defense tool.

Jim Ice
Knife man

It’s very grate and comfortable knife. Awesome looking and using

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