Georgian Dagger with the belt - authentic, antique.

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Once in a while, we get super exciting knives brought to us by our customers for consignment sales or trade-ins.

This time we offer a unique and extraordinary historical antique Dagger (Kindjal) from Georgia and a belt set! Both were made by the same master and always were together for the last 100+ years.

This dagger is signed, which is very rare for this type of dagger! The signature on the belt accessory is the original owner's name: Stepan Abramidze. We did some research and found only two Stepans from that period of time from the royal family of Abramidze - one was the Police Chief in Vladikavkaz, and the second one (cousin) was "abrek" - which means a loan warrior fighting for just cause. Of course, now we are not sure which one had this dagger...

This kindjal has a traditional Georgian Silver blacking decoration on all silver parts; very unique.

We took a lot of pictures of this set. Please take a look at all pictures and let us know if you have any questions about the specific part of the dagger or the belt

This unique masterpiece will be a great addition to any serious collection!

We do accept and are interested in reasonable offers!


Total length:

16" (405 mm)

Blade Lenght:

11 3/4" (300 mm)

Blade Width:

1 5/16" (33 mm)

Handle length:

4.25" (108 mm)


9.0 Oz (256 g.)

Handle materials:

Silver, bone, wood.



Total length:

12 3/4" (320 mm)


1.5" (37 mm)


Leather, Silver, wood.


2.8 Oz (80 g.)


Leather, Silver


54.25" (1380 mm)

Type: Consignment

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