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  • Handmade knife, made for true nature lovers.
  • Super practical and functional blade shape suitable for all needs.
  • Made of only premium materials.
  • Super reliable full tang design.

This Is Freedom is a new knife but well known under the name Splinter 120 in the past.

This Is Freedom  - is a super functional custom knife of choice among fishermen and true nature lovers. 

The utilitarian design and slick profile give This Is Freedom amazing slicing and piercing properties that will be appreciated by experienced knife enthusiasts.

The knife has classic sharp drop-point style blade made of M390 steel and ergonomically perfect grip handle made of structured and polished Black Canvas Micarta scales. This is a full tang knife.

This Is Freedom comes with a custom black leather sheath.


Overall length: 9.5" (242 mm)
Blade length: 4.7" (120 mm)
Blade thickness: 1/8" (3.4 mm)
Steel: M390 (59-60HRC)
Handle: Black Canvas Micarta
Hilt/ Guard: -
Sheath: Leather



Type: custom

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Michael R.
Top notch TRC Quality

This is my second TRC knife purchase from Russian Knives. The first was a TRC South Pole. Both knives feature superb fit and finish. Comparing the two I find the South Pole as a multi purpose knife that can handle harder use and do both bushcraft and camp chores. The thinner flat grind blade featured on the This is Freedom is designed for more finesse tasks such as filleting and food preparations. It can also handle most other tasks, but one should note the thin blade of the knife is not designed for batoning wood and chopping off tree limbs. It also comes with a beautiful leather sheath although I would prefer kydex. The knife arrived within a few days after I ordered it and was razor sharp. I highly recommend TRC knives and would not hesitate to order again from Russian Knives

Tom M.
TRC Quality

I own a few TRC knives and the build quality is top notch on all of them. The "This Is Freedom" model is no exception. The beautifully executed satin finish on the full flat grind blade almost shimmers in the light. This is a really handy size knife for general cutting tasks. The handle design is very neutral, which I find to be a positive and should fit a wide variety of hand sizes. The leather sheath is of matching high quality with a dangler for those who prefer the knife to carry a little lower. A really great all around knife.

Bryan S.
Amazing service, as usual, great knife

Haven't had a chance to get this knife out there and put it through its paces yet, but it is incredibly sharp and has the TRC attention to detail. I have no doubt this is a wonderful knife, as if feels amazing in hand and has a razor's edge.

William C
Excellent fit and finish

This is my fourth trc knife. The fit and finish on the knives coming out of this shop is excellent. Can't recommend them enough.

Trail Navigator
Camp Companion

The first time this knife made an appearance, someone asked me, "What the heck is that?" My response was, "This Is Freedom and it's going to make you dinner!" I can say that this knife is a serious vegetable chopper and it feels good in the hand. The blade sure doesn't slip and slide on an onion skin! It shows that onion who's boss and makes quick work of it! Smart not to get too excited because it's sure to eat fingers as well so exercise serious caution in maneuvering and washing. Handle is a bit on the slick side when dry so consider that in wet conditions as that could influence grip. Blade width is substantial and full tang for reliable wedging in the field. Top shelf materials and a sleek appearance make this knife a proud addition to have at camp. Must admit that I wasn't so sure about having a sheath that is leather but I have really grown to like it! There's actually a moving slide belt loop and the piece to which it is attached will also act as an ample belt loop if a person wishes to wear it a little higher on the hip. The sheath stitching and finish are excellent. The knife fits securely inside and it absolutely will not fall out when slung around upside down. So, if you need to make any quick moves, rest assured your knife won't levitate. Not cool to have to snatch your hat back from some wise guy to find your knife has abandoned you too! Take "This Is Freedom" out for a spin the next time you go camping! It's sure to liberate that chore list with ease!

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