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  • 100% handmade knife.
  • Tactical knife designed by a professional fighter.
  • Great for training or peaceful outdoor use.
  • Comes with ABS sheath.
  • Made in Russia.

Kisten is a tactical knife designed by Alexander Kisten in collaboration with ROSarms.

Each detail of the blade and handle is made as practical as possible. The blade is double-edged with an S-curved plain edge on a bottom and combination of a serration and plain edge on top.

This knife is made without any use of glue or epoxy and can be completely disassembled.

The handle is made of a hornbeam wood - the same material as on a famous WWII Russian Recon knife NR-40

The sheath is made of a durable ABS Thermoplastic polymer and is MOLLE system compatible. The most important mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistance and toughness.

The sheath is designed with a tough lock function - the knife cannot be removed from the sheath just by pulling. Removing the knife from the sheath requires a special "thumb" placement on the knife grip. See pictures.


Overall length: 11"
Blade length: 6.25"
Blade thickness: 3/16"
Steel: 95x18
Handle: Hornbeam wood
Hilt/ Guard: Aluminum

Type: special

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A beautiful knife...light weight and we'll balanced.


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