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  • New modern German steel: CPR.
  • Smaller knife in Convex grind.
  • Perfect size for EDC and outdoor.
  • Beautiful Micarta 3D textured handle.
  • Robust leather sheath.

Fang CPR is a brother of the famous Caribou knife by Southern Cross knives company.

This knife has awesome functionality, true Convex grind without any "micro bevels" or "micro edges".

With only a 3.5" blade this knife is suitable for comfortable EDC or any outdoor trip!

Fang CPR comes with Micarta handle with a super grippy 3D textured surface and comes with a beautiful high-quality leather sheath.

This is a fulltang knife.

The blade is made of CPR steel - modern high-quality steel from Germany. CPR steel has awesome wear resistance and toughness. Made by Dorrenberg.


 Overall length: 8 1/8" (206 mm)
Blade length: 3.5" (89 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.14" (3.5 mm)
Steel: CPR
Handle: Micarta
Guard and pommel: -
Sheath: Leather
Weight (with sheath): 9.7 Oz (276g)
Weight (just a knife): 5.4 Oz. (154g)


Type: special


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