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  • 100% handmade knife.
  • Historical reproduction of the famous knife.
  • Multipurpose use knife.
  • Great knife for your gift idea.
  • Comes with leather sheath.
  • Made in Russia.

Finka NKVD is a multipurpose knife from Rosarms. It was created based on the famous Soviet NKVD issued knife for their officers.

This is a semi-custom knife with a stabilized Hornbeam handle and brass guard. As with all Rosarms knives, it comes with a leather sheath.

Finka NKVD will be an excellent addition to any collection but of course, is a very practical knife for all outdoor activities.


Overall length: 9.75"
Blade length: 5"
Blade thickness: 1/8"
Steel: 95x18
Handle: Hornbeam wood
Hilt/ Guard: Brass

Type: special

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Zafiris Kounalis
Just a toy...

While it is aesthetically pleasing to look at and hold, not all details are disclosed about this knife.
In order to circumvent being labelled as a weapon, the blade thickness of the knife is only 2,5 mm.That's about as thick an ordinary kitchen knife.
That means it is NOT 'a very practical knife for all outdoor activities' as advertised, since you cannot do heavy work, like baton wood for a campfire, or carve wood tinder shavings for example.
Cutting thick rope (like manilla) must also be troublesome with such a thin blade. And certainly don't try to pry even the smallest things, because it will most likely break.
I will not mention how poorly it must perform as a tactical knife.
Maybe food preparation must be its strong side, if you are 100% committed to buy

Sorry, but you never placed any orders with us or bought this knife. So this is a total lie!
The version you can buy in Russia is 2.5 mm, the version we sell here is 3.5mm thick and is perfect knife for outdoor use, food prep or anything else.
It is better do not say anything if you do not know what you are talking about :-)
UPDATE: the person who send this review contacted us and you will not believe - got the information about the knife from Wikipedia!!! So he never seen any of these knives in real life! WOW.

Absolutely perfect

Elegant and very sharp knife of good quality. I love everything about it.

Michael Turner
Elegant look

This is a very nicely made knife. It came relatively sharp and was eager to become very sharp. It's far too nice to use for anything, but it's a pleasure to hold.

Cody Schuppe
Great product!

Recently I ordered the NKVD knife. It arrived fast and the quality exceeded my expectations. A great product I would certainly order from this company again.

Foster Christensen

I love the box it comes in, as well as the certificate of authenticity. Very sharp and comes with a nice sheath.

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