Knives Sharpening, Level 2

Blade Length Selection

This is our knife sharpening service for the advanced knives with a price over $100 but not Custom Knives priced $300 or more.

For example, the knives suitable for this service will be your special kitchen knives, your favorite pocket/ folding knife, your fishing/ camping knife made of high-end steels like M390, ELMAX, S30V, etc.

We will be sharpening by hand for this service.

This service IS NOT a good choice for your Custom knives priced $300 or more.

Blade Length selection is required for this service.

Please feel free to ask any questions about our service!

How this service works, 3 very simple steps::

  1. Place this service into your card, select the appropriate blade length, and complete checkout. We will provide the shipping address where to ship your knife or knives by email right after.
  2. We will contact you and discuss the desired angle or any other questions right after we receive the knife or knives.
  3. Sharpening usually takes 48 hours. We will send the knife or knives back by USPS First Class. (can be upgraded to Priority).



    Type: Sharpening


    Customer Reviews

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    Excellent sharpening and customer service!

    I've sent in a Gerber LMF 2, Ka-Bar USMC, and Ontario Pilot's Knife for this service. The Ka-Bar in particular was really trashed, tip smashed / flattened, and the blade was rough. Ontario Pilots knife had a totally uneven grind on both sides. Vlad did incredible work on all of them and sent them back far superior then out of the factory. Do not hesitate to send your knife in for sharpening, the turn around is crazy quick, price is way less than it should be, and he is great at what he does!

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