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  • 100% custom, handmade kitchen knives.
  • Premium materials: M390 steel blade, ironwood, Macume.
  • Incredible metalwork from Gennadiy - hand grinned M390 to super thin cutting edge.
  • 3 very practical sizes.

WOW! First time ever in our store - Set of 3 kitchen knives from DED knives: KITCHEN TRIO! 

This set includes two chef knives and one smaller universal paring knife. All knives are made of Bohler M390 steel, have ironwood handles and hand forged Macume "guards".

This is a 100% handmade masterpiece which will be a great addition to your favorite kitchen tools.

For the protection of these awesome knives Gennadiy made leather sheath for each one.

We would not recommend to use a dishwasher and wash these knives only manually with warn soapy water. Do not store dirty or wet knives in the sheath.

We also offering free sharpening for these knives for the next 12 month, just pay for shipping to and from us.


Overall length: 12 3/4" (324 mm)
Blade length: 7 3/4" (197 mm)
Blade width (widest point): 1 3/4" (45 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.08" (2.15 mm)
Steel: Bohler M390
Handle: Ironwood
Hilt/ Guard: Mocume
Weight: 5.3 Oz (154 g.)

Overall length: 12" (304 mm)
Blade length: 7" (178 mm)
Blade width (widest point): 1 3/8" (35 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.79" (2.0 mm)
Steel Bohler M390
Handle Ironwood
Hilt/guard: Mocume
Weight: 4.1 Oz (116 g.)
Overall length: 8 3/4"(222 mm)
Blade length: 4" (102 mm)
Blade width: 7/8" (22 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.1" (2.5 mm)
Steel: Bohler M390
Handle: Ironwood
Hilt/guard: Macume
Weight: 3.1 Oz (88g)

Type: custom

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