Beautiful TRC knives are here!

November 01, 2016

Beautiful TRC knives are here!

Dear Friends,

We are very happy to announce our cooperation with custom knife maker Andrius Tricius (TRC knives) from Lithuania and introduce his beautiful knives in our store.

Here is small story about him and how TRC started - 

"...My passion for knives started when a friend of mine gave me a present – a huge Bowie knife. I used it for a while and realized it was far from being perfect. Then I examined few other knives and it wasn’t giving me the quality I was expecting. So I decided to craft a knife that would match my criteria. I read all the literature available on how to craft a knife, watched videos where knife makers share their experience, visited many knife exhibitions, where I met knife makers with huge experience and they shared their knowledge with me. That gave me a lot of practical knowledge. To ensure the quality, strength, and durability I invested into professional equipment, and established relationships with best possible steel and handle material suppliers. However my first knife wasn’t perfect, but the quality highly improved within years of experience and practice..."

TRC workshop pictureTRC workshop

  To ensure that resulting knife has exceptional quality and strength TRC Knives uses proper heat treatment which is applied by professionals.
   For knife blades production they use highest quality steel - ELMAX, M390, RWL-34, N690, SANDVIK 14C28N; for Handles G-10 or MICARTA. It is vital to use ultimate handle material to ensure good grip and durability in all conditions. Sheaths are constructed of Kydex and top quality leather. Kydex sheaths are custom molded to each blade.TRC hand-molds each sheath to minimize the scratching associated with Kydex sheaths and to ensure the sheath is tight fitting and functions well. Leather sheaths are glued and machine stitched for durability. The edges are sealed and finished as well to seal the leather.

TRC knives blanks

TRC knives workshop

Each knife that leaves TRC knives shop is a high-quality cutting tool with attention to the details, which will last with proper care.

TRC knives ready to be shipped

TRC workshop now has a few TRC models in stock and offers FREE SHIPPING for all USA customers!


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