A unique gift found: Knife!

July 15, 2019

A unique gift found: Knife!

There’s a lot of things you can wrap and give as a gift. All common things go down to the things we commonly see. Some always consider the things that will suit the person best. But there is one unique gift that can be very valuable. It is an essential, a collection and a unique find at the same time. If you are thinking what I am thinking, yes you are correct, it’s a knife!

If you haven’t tried gifting one to a friend or family, they are definitely missing out a lot of great things from you. Let us guide you through some FACTS on why a knife would be a perfect gift for anyone.

P.S - even Santa can send you this ;-)

  1. IT’S NOT BAD LUCK - We know, you may have heard that gifting a knife is bad luck so let’s just get things straight, here and right now. Unlike what some superstitious belief say, gifting a good knife is not bad luck, a big NO.

    To explain where that came from, way back in the line, maybe a hundred years or so ago, people believe that giving a knife as a gift will metaphorically “cut - ties” the relationship. May it be between lovers or friends, marriage or family relationships. It can even be called a taboo gift at that time.

    Then a few decades or maybe centuries after, since there are some who can’t resist the beautiful qualities of knives, made a rule to give remedy to this belief. The receiver should keep everyone safe from bad luck by offering to pay a few pennies worth to the sender. That easily solved the mystery and everyone turned happy gifting and receiving knives.
    Classic Freedom by TRC

  2. IT’S MULTI-PURPOSE - Knives are well known for its sharp characteristics and capacity to be used for different purposes. Making it a great deal for anyone may it be for a male or a female receiver. A quality knife can be used for camping, hunting, self-defense and for simply cutting things in half. It is light to carry and can be used anywhere. In general, knives are not just beneficial but also essential to everyday living. But it would be a great idea to find out what will be the main use for the knife you are going to purchase as a gift! Majority of knife stores will separate knives "by-purpose" for you you decide.
    Deds Knives - pers

  3. A COLLECTOR’S PRIDE - A quality knife will always be a knife enthusiast’s pride and joy. You can always give one that is a custom Piece of Art or a unique hand made Masterpiece. The point that we are driving here is that there are a lot of choices out there but all will be loved and valued based on its quality and benefits. The value and effort are there so consider it a success!
    Suna by Olamic Cutlery
  4. AN AFFORDABLE GIFT - Determine your budget, no matter how tight it is you will still surely be able to take home one. Knives are known worldwide. It’s a household essential, everyday use tool and for some, it is a collection. It is not cheap but definitely not expensive. If you are not sure of what to buy, we have lots to choose from based on your budget and specification needs. Please also free to call us and we will advise you on what to buy based on your needs, budget and time.

    Helpers by DED

Knives are undeniably good as gifts, but from here you need to check for local or international laws if in any case, you are planning to ship it abroad. There are a lot but specified rules in handling a knife because if befalls a wrong hand can be a lethal weapon. You benefit yourself and your gift recipient knowing them.

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