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  • Set of 3 throwing knives.
  • Carrying/ storage bag is included.
  • These knives developed for all types of throwing techniques and distances

 Traceline by Mr. Blade is a set of 3 throwing knives.

Trace line was developed for use with all throwing techniques for mid- and long- distance training.

For balance adjustment knife has two holes in the handle and we include synthetic cords for custom wrapping.

Set comes with a bag for easy storage and carry.

NOTE: price is for the set - all 3 knives, bag, targets are included!


Specifications (one knife):

 Overall length: 10.9" (278 mm).
Blade width: 1.1" (28 mm).
Blade thickness: 0.22" (5.5 mm).
Blade material: AISI 420
Weight: 230 g

Type: special

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Balazs Sandor
inconsistent and too light

i think the advertised weight of these knives was either 250 or 260 grams....they actually came in at 224gm...226gm...and 230grm.....very strange weight range ...they look uniform but are not....why is that?....i was looking for a heavier weight knife so i was disappointed....

Roland Scheeff
Good throwing knives

This is a nice set of throwing knives. Workmanship is nice, no sharp edges anywhere. The nylon cord for a grip is pretty useless. That material should be paracord instead of the braided very elastic nylon chord. They are slightly longer than 10", which is a little longer than my personal preferred length, but throw well. Nice addition to the arsenal.

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