Rescuer-II- special knife from Rosarms -

Rescuer-II | Rosarms

The RESCUER models  from Rosarms were designed for the Russian Emergency Response Team (EMERCOM).

Both models Rescuer-1 and Rescuer-2 has similar features but slightly different blade's shape.

Rescuer-2 knife is rugged, expertly constructed and well balanced.

It features a thick, hand forged stainless steel blade with robust serration on top, aluminum guard and pommel, leather handle and multi configuration leather sheath with removable belt loop and pocket (boot) clip.

The knife can be carried on the belt vertically or horizontally and also in a pocket or as a boot knife.


Overall length: 11"
Blade length: 6"
Blade thickness: 3/16"
Steel: 110x18
Handle: Leather
Hilt/ Guard: Aluminum

Vendor: Rosarms

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