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The RESCUER knives from Rosarms were designed for the Russian Emergency Response Team (EMERCOM).

This knife is rugged, expertly constructed and well balanced.

It features a thick, hand forged stainless steel blade with robust serration on top, aluminum guard and pommel, leather handle and multi-configuration leather sheath with removable belt loop and pocket (boot) clip.

The knife can be carried on the belt vertically or horizontally and also in a pocket or as a boot knife.

In 2009 Rescuer-1 was reviewed in Tactical knives magazine.


Overall length: 10 3/4"
Blade length: 6"
Blade thickness: 3/16"
Steel: 110x18
Handle: Leather
Hilt/ Guard: Aluminum

Type: special

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sharp, light, comfortable and versatile

This is one gorgeous looking knife. Feels very comfortable in my hand, well balanced and relatively light.

The blade is very sharp and cuts paper and rope with ease. The serration’s teeth are very sharp, so it almost looks like a saw that works on a pull. But it probably was designed for cutting belts and thick fabric rather than wood.

The shape of the base of the blade allows for easy sharpening.

The sheath is VERY versatile and will work with belts up to 2 1/4” wide both horizontally and vertically. The steel clip is very strong, and can serve as a pocket clip.

Jimmy Jimenez
Nice knife...

Nice knife. It shows an obvious good build quality. It also has a cool uniqueness to it's styling, right down to it's unique spine serrations. It definitely pulls away from the average ho-hum knife. The transaction was smooth and fast, and the knife's factory box is a nice touch, especially for a collector or for gift giving.

Michael Schoeneberger

I really like this knife - it is well made and I’m confident it will stand up - it’s too nice to use right now though - I’m gonna just look at it for a while till I get over it’s beauty

Almost Custom Fit & Finish

Beautiful knife --well balanced--very sharp--Fit & finish well above factory standard ---quality sheath.

Marat R.
Good quality

I have passion to knives , and I do have a big collection of them but this Rescuer-1, is my first Russian knife . The knife is made and processed perfectly it also looks beautiful . I’m hundred percent satisfied with my purchase and special thanks ! to for fast delivery !

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