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  • Super elegant knife.
  • Perfect size for all EDC needs.
  • Classic flipper with linerlock system.
  • Great gift. 
  • Made in Russia

The Minimus by N.C.Custom is an elegant classic gentlemen's flipper with the linerlock system.

This is another collaboration between N.C.Custom and custom knife makers. The knife was designed by Andrei Grigoriev, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The Minimus is made of durable German-made X105 steel, hardened to 59Rc, and has a beautiful satin finish. The handle scales are made of durable G10.

This is a great EDC folder suitable for all everyday tasks.


Overall length: 8" (205 mm)
Blade length: 3.6" (93mm)
Blade width: 0.78" (20mm)
Blade thickness: 0.12" (3 mm)
Weight: 3.7 Oz (105 g.)
Material: X105 steel
Hardness: 58-60 Rc
Handle: G10

Type: folding

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

My two small critiques first: the flipper is a little sharp, and the show side of the knife could use a small cutout for more positive access to the liner lock. Other than that, this knife is great. It's sharp and beautifully ground/finished, it has great action, locks up tight, and the overall fit and finish is top notch. The clip is fantastic as well. This makes a great discreet carry for fancier occasions, without being too small and incapable. Great knife. Thanks!

Great Design, Execution Could Use Improvement

I'll start out with the good:

Out of the box, I really liked the design of the Minimus. Very sleek and slim, the blade is nice and thin behind the edge (excellent for slicing). The detent is very crisp and strong, action is very smooth with the ball bearing pivot system, and the lock-up is very solid in all directions.

I also really like the finish on the blade itself. It looks like a hand-rubbed satin to me which I really appreciate and enjoy. Also, the handle scales are nicely finished and contoured very well. Very comfortable in the hand.

Now for the bad:

The edge on my particular Minimus comes into contact with the collar for the pocket clip screws which has created a small dull spot on the edge towards the tip. This will probably fix itself over time as the blade is sharpened, but certainly not ideal. Also, the blade on my particular Minimus was a hair off-center, but I was able to adjust for that with no issues.

I did disassemble my Minimus (to investigate the edge-dulling issue described above), and I noticed the the liners have a very rough/unfinished surfaces underneath the handle scales. Obviously, these surfaces are never seen when the knife is assembled, but I always appreciate when a manufacturer takes the time to do finish work on the internals. All of my Two Sun knives are like this. Also, it would've been nice to see some machining of the liners to help reduce the weight of the knife overall.

Initially, disengaging the lock was very uncomfortable due to the sharp edges on the inside of the liners. It looks like there was some effort to chamfer the inside edges a little, but it wasn't nearly enough. To remedy this, I created a small "scallop" cut-out in the locking liner itself with my dremel to make disengaging the lock easier and less painful.

Out of the box, the pocket clip on my Minimus was virtually useless. There wasn't nearly enough room under the tip of the pocket clip to slide over the fabric on my pants. I had to remove the pocket clip and bend the tip of it away so that I could actually clip the knife to my pocket.

Overall, I think the design is superb, but there are definitely some opportunities for improvement on the execution. I would've gladly paid a little extra if the issues I described above were resolved in a future iteration of this design.

Easy Purchase

This will not be long. An easy purchase from the website and the item arrived exactly as described and sooner than I was expecting.

David T.
Very well made & razor sharp.

The Minimus|N.C. Customs knife I received was a wonderful knife. Very well made. Fit & finish is second to none, better than many name brand knives that cost much more!! It was also extremely sharp straight out of the box!!! I recommend as a purchase!!

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